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70 Tbps+ Global Network.

Supercharge your content with one of the fastest networks in the world. With 74 PoPs and our VioEdge routing engine were always just a hop away.

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Our SSD web hosting plans are powered by the latest SSD drives along with enterprise-grade branded hardware from Supermicro and Dell.

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We offer an unlimited number of free SSL Certificates with all our hosting plans. Secure your own website or offer free SSL Certificates to your clients

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All our shared hosting plans include Free DDoS Protection, Free SSL Certificates, Free Daily Malware Scans, and 24u00d77 server and network monitoring.


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After purchase, you can head straight to your ClientZone and start using your domain. The account panel is uncluttered and easy to use, so you can quickly concentrate on the things that matter.

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Your free email address is ready and waiting for you. Got a thriving social media or ecommerce page already set up? Use URL forwarding to direct your visitors to your Instagram, Weebly or Shopify page of your choice.

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What is a domain name?

Simply put, the definition of a domain name is your website's address on the internet. It refers to the URL people type into a web browser's address bar to access your website. For example, the domain name of our website is

What is the difference between a domain and web hosting?

Domain hosting only allows you ownership of a domain name and nothing more, whereas website (web) hosting provides the server storage space needed to house your website and emails. However, you simply can’t have one without the other if you expect to use either of them.

How does domain and hosting work?

Think of web hosting as providing the plot of land (web server space) for you to build a house (website) on it, and the domain as the address to your house (website). Once you buy both a domain name and storage space on a web server, you can build your website and assign it to your chosen domain. The domain enables your website to be published on the web for anyone on the internet to easily find and visit. You need both for your website to be visible on the web.

What is a top level domain?

Top level domains (TLDs) refer to the code at the end of your domain name, for example .com,, .org. They are normally made up of letters only, and may never be solely numbers. TLDs are supposed to give web users and search engines an indication of what your website is about or where it is based. So this means Google does pay attention to how relevant certain TLDs are to users, so choose wisely.

What is a subdomain?

A domain consists of labels, each subdivided by a dot. A subdomain is any label within a domain name that precedes another. For example, in the domain, the shop portion of the url is the subdomain.

What is domain parking?

Domain parking is when someone registers a domain name without any form of hosting. A parked domain is unusable for the person, but also unavailable for everyone else. This can be a mistake that hosting beginners make, but can also be a tactic used by some to secure a domain name for future use or keep it out of the hands of competitors or fraudsters. Also, if the domain appreciates in value, the owner can sell it for a profit.

What is an email domain?

An email domain forms part of an email address, specifically the section after the ‘@’ symbol. This allows you to set up your email address with your company or personal name if you wish. An example of an email address would be [email protected] The ‘’ is the email domain.

Why should I register my domain as soon as possible?

Domains are snatched up quicker than you might think. More than 110,000 domains are registered every day. This means the number of domains that’re available dwindle with each passing day. So, if you’re planning to buy a domain, best to do it sooner rather than later.

My domain name is taken! What now?

There are billions of websites around today, so don’t be alarmed if the domain name you wanted is already taken. Simply choose a different domain extension. You can benefit from a more specific and easier to remember domain for your business, website, or interest. For example, .lawyer can give a law firm credibility in their website name. If you really want a specific domain you can try a different spelling, a synonym, abbreviation, hyphen, or any other memorable marker. But it has to be easy to remember.

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